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Time to leave

Well I think it is time for me to stop being on tumblr. GASP, ALAS, SAY IT ISN’T SO.

Unfortunately for you, yes I am leaving.

My life is getting very busy and I have found in the past year that all I do is reblog and not write down a lot of my thoughts. I came to tumblr writing down everything from happiness to sorrow but now I have friends and family who I can talk to.

I am so busy with my life, I need to concentrate on my work and most importantly, God.

My relationship with him is slipping and I can feel it. The way I have been acting recently isn’t that bad but I know that it isn’t the place that God want me to be right now. So I’m not going to post on here for a long while. I may pop up and see how everything is and I will definitely come on here when the last homestuck update comes along.

I’m going to write in my journal a lot more and express everything to God. I need to. There is a lot I need to sort out personally as well and that can only be done in privacy. I would love to write on here but its not the way to go about it.

3rd year is my last year of University. A lot of my goals I started with have been completed and now only a few remain.

- To get a 1st

- To work out and have a bit more of a toned body

- Most importantly to get closer to God.

All the other goals I have completed. Like: To have friends and make best friends(male ones especially). To go to places with other people. To join a church and really get stuck in. To have nice teeth and to have nice skin. My goodness my skin is so much better. THANK GOD FOR ALL HE HAS DONE.

Now I need to concentrate. These last 3 goals will need all my attention because all the other goals, I have not needed to make great efforts in. In fact, the only one would be to open up to my friends so much more and to make efforts to talk to people, especially church people back home.

God, Gym and Work are all about discipline and I’ve always wanted discipline. So, I’m going all out this year and if I get tired and stressed then that is a good thing. I need a kick up the rear. 

So goodbye for now. No more tumblr and no more procrastinating.

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Take - me-a-little-deeper: INFP


The description of this personality type from Wikipedia is:

According to Myers-Briggs, INFPs focus much of their energy on an inner world dominated by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. They seek an external life that is in keeping with these values. Loyal to…


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Take - me-a-little-deeper: A Quick Explanation of the INFP's "Hermit Mode"


We INFPs have a state of social hibernation in which we drop off the face of the planet for a little while. During this time, we may turn down social invitations, not respond to calls or messages, and quietly go somewhere in solitude. This can last for days, weeks, or even…

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Disney characters dressed up as Pop Culture icons! By the amazing artist Isaiah Stephens.

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A feminism comic I did for my uni’s newspaper. I wish I had a bit more time to work on it, but I’m pleased with how it came out considering the tight deadline!

My friend Jason was telling me that, one day, on a train, he went to change his infant’s diaper. On the way to the bathroom he was told, three times, that he was a great dad. 

To be clear…for ensuring that his child wasn’t sitting in her own shit for hours, he was congratulated on how awesome he was. The patriarchy is weird…

This comic also shows how uncomfortable men can be when being praised because in a sense, its patronizing. That last one shows how weird it is for a man to receive such comments. Sometimes men just want to get a job done (women included) without the need of compliments. I mean once is kind of enough but when there is a load you start thinking about why the hell are people saying this? Am I not capable already? I don’t hear you call my wife or female colleges with such an expression. Have I been doing it wrong all this time? Why can’t I be a good father without all the attention? 

Either give the wife equal compliments or give none to both.

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the worst fuckin thing is

“oh you sing? are you a good singer? SING SOMETHING FOR ME RIGHT NOW”

“do you draw? you do? DRAW ME”

like no



“You speak that language?! Say something in it!”

“you murder? KILL ME RIGHT NOW”

The last one seems more doable

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happy october: Gender, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra


You can pretend Stephanie co-wrote this because we texted about this. She’s pretty awesome because she started recognizing a lot of this before I even talked about it.

I found myself growing pretty frustrated with Korra as a character, and I know I wasn’t the only one. She’s hot-headed,…

OH MAN, I had to reblog this as soon as I read it. It is probably one of the maturest views I have read about Korra and her character specifically. When I first watched episode one I was annoyed that Korra didn’t have much of a character development from series one but I shortly realized that it was okay. Sometimes a person can’t change that quickly and especially with such a hot head like Korra. Korra is stubborn, a trait I have always viewed as a double-edged sword. It is great in many situations but it has definitely lead to bad endings for Korra.

I was generally okay with Korra still being stubborn ad hot-headed and her reasons for wanting to make her own choices were valid. Sure she may have made a mistake but she needs to take them. She is not like water which changes to match the situation but she is more like earth. Solid, stubborn to move and change. However I think she will start to change after receiving knowledge of Raava. She will still need her stubbornness and firey nature to fight Vaatu but she now needs it to be balanced with calmness and changing nature.

After reading ghostly’s post and thinking about Korra,  the creators have done a brilliant job in portraying two completely different avatars. In fact even Wan was majorly different to Aang and Korra. He had a stronger determination than Aang but a calmer personality than Korra. Even Roku was different since he lacked the courage to stop his best friend from taking over the world, something I think Korra wouldn’t have allowed to happen. 

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the assassins creed saga

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theres kind of this weird idea of myst fans as being quiet dignified mystic bookish nerds and then theres me sitting here shrieking “RIDE MY DICK AND CALL ME HARLEY THERE MIGHT BE A NEW MYST GAME COMING ALONG HOT FUCKING SHIT DAMN, PISS ME UP A PHONE POLE”

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An accurate British weather forecast:

  • Sunny…with a chance of rain
  • Cloudy…with a chance of rain
  • The Apocalypse…with a chance of rain

Cloud…with a chance of meatballs.